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Technical Support

Philidas has been designing and manufacturing fasteners for 70 years. As a leading company in the fastener industry, it aims to use its vast experience to provide its customers with the optimum solution for their application. This is achieved by working in a collaborative manner with its customers.

Evaluation of the customer enquiry by the Technical Support team can lead to an offer of an existing part from our extensive product database that will solve the application problem.

Alternatively if an existing product is not suitable, the feasibility of manufacturing the product will be evaluated. Calculations optimise economical use of material and the most efficient production methods are chosen to make the product cost effective. If improvements to the product design can be made, these suggestions will be discussed with the customer.

Philidas can also offer technical support on new or existing applications where our Technical team are required to work directly with the customers application engineers at their site to offer new fastener design ideas to solve application problems.

Tooling for the manufacture of the product through all processes is designed in our Technical department using CAD design stations and manufactured in our extensively equipped in-house tool manufacturing facility.

Having such capabilities enables new products to be designed and developed in an optimum time scale.

All products are controlled in the manufacturing process by an SPC system to ensure that the critical tolerances demanded by the product design are delivered and the process is reliable. The product is rigorously tested using our in-house laboratory and testing facility to validate that all specifications can be met.