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Stuttgart Preview

Stuttgart Preview

Philidas specializes in the design and manufacture of self-locking nuts for a diverse range of industrial and domestic applications including; rail, aerospace, earth moving plant equipment, mining, renewable energy and electrical appliances.

Philidas nuts lock on a bolt in any position, designed to create the most convenient and practical fastening method for any industry or domestic application. Even in high performance environments where vibration may occur, our locking nuts are developed to stay in place. They also help reduce assembly time, use fewer components and are more cost effective than alternative methods.


  • The most versatile self-locking nut
  • Suitable for use in high or low temperature with no effect on performance, even from chemicals
  • Low prevailing torques
  • Can be applied on multiple occasions
  • Turret nut can be assembled with the locking element leading onto a male thread

The Philidas range of quality fasteners includes:

  • Industrial Nut
  • Turret Nut
  • MKV Nut
  • Flange Nut
  • Phyloc Nut
  • Weld Nut
  • Wheel Nut
  • Special Weld Nut

Although best known for its all metal self-locking nut, Philidas produces a wide range of fasteners in a variety of materials.

Case Study


The requirement for a locking fastener to use on the stretcher bar on a set of rail points led Philidas to design a two-piece nut consisting of two free running nuts with a locking washer between the faces, held together by a new patented assembly method.

The application required that the nut be positioned up against a rubber mounting but could not be fully clamped because of the flexibility of the rubber. The nut needed to be locked in place on the male thread and this was done by the two-piece nut which, as a one piece assembly could be freely run down the thread until it reached the rubber mounting. The locking action of the nut could then be activated by holding the back nut and tightening the front nut against the lock washer thus creating a clamping force between the two nut portions ensuring that the nut was held in position against the mounting.

Philidas and Francis Kirk will be exhibiting at the Fastener Fair Stuttgart this year, come and visit our stand in Hall 1 at stand 1432.